[WATCH] Payal Malik Lashes Out At Rakhi Sawant For Abusing Armaan And Kritika


Armaan Malik and his wives, Payal and Kritika Malik, who participated in Bigg Boss OTT 3, faced significant backlash from viewers who accused the show’s producers of promoting polygamy. While Uorfi Javed supported the trio, they were criticized by Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rakhi Sawant. Now, with Payal out of the BB house, she is addressing the negative comments directed at them.

Payal Malik Responds to Rakhi Sawant’s Criticism

In an interview with ETimes, Payal Malik admonished Rakhi Sawant, suggesting she should handle her own marital issues before commenting on others. Payal hinted at Rakhi’s multiple marriages and her ongoing legal troubles in Mumbai, noting:

“I would like to tell Rakhi Sawant that Rakhi ji pehle aapne joh rishtey banaye hain, unko clear kariye. I don’t know how many times you have got married ek baar, do baar, teen baar yaa char baar. Mujhe nahi pata hai, so I feel she should clear that first. I’ve also heard about her that she is currently hiding in Dubai, absconding from Mumbai, because there is a legal case going on against her. So pehle aap apni issues ko resolve karo… phir dusre ki life mein taang adao.”


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Payal Malik on Industry Attention Seekers

Payal further mentioned that individuals lacking work in the industry are using their situation to gain attention, suggesting Rakhi Sawant believes that discussing their controversy might bring her opportunities in the industry.

In our case, it is happening that people who don’t have work right now are commenting about our relationship. Jin logon ko kaam nahi mil raha hai industry mein woh sochte hain ki kisi ki cheez uthake main controversy mein aajaaungi toh I will get some work. So there are many people right now who are doing this.”

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Earlier, Uorfi Javed had posted in support of Armaan Malik and his wives, stating that they are happy in their unique relationship and people should refrain from judging them. Rakhi Sawant, however, criticized Uorfi, questioning if she would be comfortable if her husband took another wife after their marriage, and advising her to stay out of matters she has no experience in.

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Armaan Malik’s Reaction to Payal’s Eviction

When Payal Malik was evicted from Bigg Boss OTT 3, her husband Armaan’s reaction was notable. Despite her evident distress, Armaan was seen smiling as he bid her farewell with a hug and a reassuring, “Koi baat nahi.”

What are your views on Payal Malik’s reaction to Rakhi Sawant’s comments on her marriage?