[WATCH] Rhea Chakraborty Invites Sushmita Sen to Her Podcast And Calls Her A Gold Digger


During a candid chat on her new show, Chapter 2, Rhea Chakraborty took a playful jab at Sushmita Sen’s past relationship with Lalit Modi.

Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is no stranger to public scrutiny regarding her personal life. Despite remaining unmarried, she has been linked to numerous high-profile individuals, most notably businessman Lalit Modi. This relationship sparked media attention and led Sushmita Sen to be labeled a ‘golddigger.’

In a teaser for the first episode of Chapter 2, shared by Rhea Chakraborty on Instagram, the two actresses discussed various topics, including relationships and societal perceptions. During the conversation, Rhea humorously addressed the golddigger label, asking Sen,

“Do you know there’s a bigger golddigger than you in the room?” When Sushmita asked who she meant, Rhea pointed to herself, leading to a playful exchange where she declared, “I’m the biggest one.”

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This lighthearted moment clearly referenced the buzz created by Sen’s relationship with Modi back in 2022, which had become a subject of widespread memes and online discussions. Many social media users had speculated that Sen was with Modi for his wealth.

Rhea Chakraborty calls herself, Sushmita Sen 'gold diggers' in promo of  podcast. Watch - India Today

The conversation also touched on the negative attention Rhea herself has faced. She jokingly proposed starting a course on gold-digging, eliciting laughter from Sushmita Sen.

Rhea, who will soon turn 32, hinted at the trolling and hate she has endured, saying,

“World’s not viewing me as a baby.”

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Sushmita Sen’s personal life continues to be a topic of interest. She was previously in a relationship with model Rohman Shawl, with the couple making headlines for their affectionate public displays. Though they broke up in 2021, Sen’s relationship with Modi quickly became public. While their romance was short-lived, Sen and Shawl have recently been seen together again, sparking rumors of reconciliation.

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