[WATCH] Rohit Sharma Abuses Rishabh Pant For Missing a Catch: Full Report in the Comments


During the high-stakes T20 World Cup 2024 match between India and Australia, a notable incident involving Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma and wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant has caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The moment occurred when Pant missed a crucial catch, leading to an apparent verbal outburst from Sharma.

The game, held at a packed stadium, saw India setting a formidable target of 205/5, thanks to strong performances from the top order. However, the match took an unexpected turn during Australia’s chase.

At a critical juncture with Australia at 83/1, Rishab Pant failed to grasp a catch that could have shifted the momentum further in India’s favor.


Immediately after the missed opportunity, cameras captured Rohit Sharma appearing visibly frustrated and seemingly admonishing Pant. This reaction has since gone viral, sparking discussions and debates across social media platforms. A screenshot from the live broadcast, shared by Twitter user Krrish Khurdra, has been widely circulated, showing Sharma’s animated expression and a dejected-looking Pant in the background.

The tweet, which reads,

“Pant missed the catch, then Rohit abused him. #T20WorldCup2024 #rohitsharma #INDvsAUS #AUSvsIND #Rishabhpant,”

encapsulates the incident that has generated significant buzz online. The reactions from fans and analysts have been mixed, with some criticizing Sharma’s reaction as overly harsh and others defending the captain’s passionate approach to the game.

Watch the video here:



As the match progressed, Australia’s batsmen aimed to capitalize on the reprieve, adding to the drama and tension of an already thrilling contest. The incident has not only underscored the pressures faced by players at the highest level but also highlighted the intense emotions involved in such a critical game.

The Indian team, known for its unity and strong leadership, will likely address the incident internally. However, the public and media scrutiny is set to continue, especially with the T20 World Cup in full swing and every match being crucial for the teams involved.

In the aftermath, fans and pundits alike will be keeping a close eye on both Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant, eager to see how this incident might affect their performance and camaraderie in the remainder of the tournament.