[WATCH] Vicky Kaushal Responds To Content Creator Who Perfected the Viral 'Tauba Tauba' Dance Step


Content creator Yuvraj Dua has “finally cracked” the viral dance step of Vicky Kaushal’s chart-topping song ‘Tauba Tauba’ from the upcoming film ‘Bad Newz’. Thrilled with his accomplishment, Yuvraj documented his success in an Instagram reel that quickly went viral and even garnered a response from Vicky Kaushal.

The song ‘Tauba Tauba’ was released last week and quickly sparked conversations on social media, largely due to Vicky’s captivating dance moves and undeniable swag.

Yuvraj’s video caption reads,

“When you finally crack the Tauba Tauba step,”

highlighting his newfound obsession with the dance move. His amusing video shows him performing the step in various situations, from asking for groceries to cleaning the floor as per his mother’s instructions.

Watch video here:

Yuvraj humorously called on social media users to tag Vicky Kaushal, claiming there’s now “competition in the market.”

The video, which was made available online on July 8, has since garnered around 8 million views.

Vicky Kaushal enjoyed the video as much as everyone else. You can see his response to Yuvraj’s video below:


Vicky Kaushal responds to content creator who ‘cracked' viral ‘Tauba Tauba' dance step

‘Tauba Tauba,’ with vocals by Punjabi singer Karan Aujla, has already amassed over 30 million views.

The film ‘Bad Newz,’ co-starring Triptii Dimri, is set to release on July 19.


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