Watch Wednesday’s Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut Stream Here

Watch Wednesday’s Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut Stream Here

Gearbox may be Embracer Group’s latest acquisition, but the studio is pushing forward with its original plans for Borderlands 3 and its season 2 DLC. A new episode of The Borderlands Show will be held on February 10 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, with Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella hosting the show alongside Mitsu from the Borderlands Creator Team.

The stream will showcase just what’s behind the mysterious locked door on Pandora, the full contents and release date for the Director’s Cut DLC, and an update about a “beloved Borderlands classic” according to Miller. If you’re interested in watching the stream, you’ll be able to tune into the official Borderlands Twitch channel below to see the showcase.

It’s been a busy couple of days for Borderlands and Gearbox. On top of the Embracer acquisition that Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford says has allowed the studio to remain decentralized from the usual corporate structure found at other video game publishers, the company will still continue to work with 2K Games on the Borderlands series.

The latest update for Borderlands 3 has also added a new in-game event called Gear Rush, which drops rare-level chests in the battle royale-style Arms Race mode. Progress on the Borderlands film continues to pick up speed as Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis has joined the production and will play archaeologist Patricia Tannis alongside Kevin Hart as Roland and Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett as the Siren Lilith.

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