“We are very bad, we have to learn a lot”: BGMI player Scout reacts to PMWI 2022 performance

Scout emerged as the Fan Favorite Player in PMWI 2022 Afterparty (Image via Sportskeeda)

Tanmay “Scout” Singh, a well-known gaming Influencer and esports player, recently reacted to his team’s performances in the PMWI 2022. He also discussed why Indian teams didn’t perform well and elaborated on the global competition in such tournaments.

Two Indian teams, Team Soul and 7SEA, recently participated in the PUBG Mobile global tournament called the PMWI 2022, an official event of $3 million. Their performances were not up to the mark and fell severely behind elite squads.

Team Soul grabbed 11th place in the main event, while 7SEA ranked ninth in the Afterparty. After securing their slot in the event, 7SEA signed Scout as he has a lot of experience in global PUBG Mobile tournaments.

PUBG and BGMI ban in India hindered PMWI team prep

In his recent livestream, answering fans’ questions about PMWI 2022, Scout said that the overall experience was good, as competitive players have identified their failings. Indian players learned from other regional teams facing stiff competition from those with a solid practice routine.


Timestamp: 7:40

Scout said,

“Before the event, I thought that we would, but now we’re very bad and we have a lot to learn.”

He went on to say that,

“If BGMI comes back to India, hopefully the game to have a global lobby feature (matchmaking with PUBG Mobile). Because unless you practice in the Global Lobby, you can’t beat them.”

After the PUBG Mobile ban in India, Krafton released the Indian version called Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in July 2021. But that game was also banned by the Indian government, citing national security concerns.

The title did not have a global matchmaking feature with PUBG Mobile, meaning Indian BGMI teams couldn’t play against players from other regions. This is mainly why Indian teams did not perform well in global tournaments. However, that was not the only reason behind the bad performances. Other factors such as management and availability of good players also added to the woes.

This was the second time BGMI teams competed in the PUBG Mobile global competition. GodLike Esports participated in the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals, where the team finished 13th. They were eliminated earlier in several matches.

Team Soul and 7SEA failed multiple times to survive until the final zone. Both teams claimed only one chicken dinner each in their 18 matches. Both teams made a comeback on their last day and somehow managed to secure more points than on their previous days.

Scout who helped 7SEA to win the first showmatch after showcasing a great clutch against Stalwart Esports. He also won the Fan Favorite Player in the PMWI Afterparty Showdown. Thai team Vampire Esports claimed both phases of the PMWI event.


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