Best websites to read Marvel and DC comics free

Marvel and DC comics

Comics by Marvel and DC can be read online for free at the following websites: These days, adults of all ages can enjoy comic books. In the wake of the success of the MCU, manga and other types of comics have helped to bring the comics industry back to life around the world.

People all over the world say that they don’t need to read comics because they’ve seen movies, but I can tell you that comics have a lot more to offer than movies ever will. Instead of focusing on the story and how it makes people feel, directors and screenwriters only use exciting things to keep people watching their movies.

Comics are not free, so most people don’t read them. Even for online magazines, Marvel and DC both charge subscription fees, which can be very expensive for some users. That’s why we’re here today to talk about where you can read free Marvel and DC comics.


You might not know this, but Marvel also gives away free magazines that can help you get started in the Marvel Universe. Fans of Black Panther, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other superhero projects don’t need to spend $3.99 on magazines. Then it will be easy for them to read on their website.

In order to access the free resources at the official website of Marvel, you can click on this link, and it will directly take you to the three issues available on their official website. 

DC kids

Like one of its biggest competitors, Marvel, DC gives new people free resources under the name “DC Kids.” It won’t have every DC comic ever made, but it will have a lot of them and a video so that new users can start their journey without having to buy anything.

You can click on this link to directly visit the official website of DC Kids, where you will be able to read all the basic comics without any cost. You might not be able to download these magazines, but the quality is going to be top-notch, and you won’t fall into any trouble while reading them.


Marvel and DC Universe give away some of their magazines for free on Amazon in order to get more people to read them. Anyone can use Amazon’s search box to look for words like “Marvel” or “DC” and sort the results by price.

You can get a lot of different comics for free, such as Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, Spider-Man One, Batman, Black Panther, and many more. Amazon is like the other platforms in that you can’t download the magazine and then send it to someone else. It will be available on Kindle, but you can read it on any phone or computer.

Digital comic museum

The digital comic museum is among the biggest resources for free comic books. You can simply click on this link to directly reach the website. It is one of the best websites for finding retro or old comic books. In the comic industry, comics released between the 1930s and 1950s are known as the golden age comics.

You might not find any new names in this resource, but they have plenty of comics to offer. Digital comic museums also have preset filters that can help you sort out comics based on the most downloads, the most highly rated, and the latest updates. Even if you have already read tons of different Marvel and DC comics, it could be the best thing if you start reading any retro comics.

Extra comic

Extra comics are also one of the most popular places to read the newest and most popular comics, like Marvel and DC comics. This website is free to use, but it may have ads, so I hope you’ll use some ad brokers to make the most of your learning experience on the site.

They have all the latest comics, like Batman, Deadpool, Captain America, Avengers, Black Widow, Hulk, etc. They keep adding to their resources, but you might have to wait a few days for the newest comics.

Comic book plus

If you like old DC and Marvel comics that may be hard to find, you can go to Comic Book Plus. Don’t be afraid. All of the comics on Add Comic Book Plus are legal, and you won’t have any problems with copyright or trademarks. Comic Book Plus is one of the best-known places to find old comics from 1922 to 1970.

It is going to contain comics from both the golden and Silver ages. You can easily find all the old editions of Superman, too. You can click on this link to visit their official website.

Get comics

Get Comics is another place where people all over the world go to get free comics. It is a free comics site based in the United States. You can find any comic you want, even the newest ones, in this resource. They are known for regularly updating their website with the newest comics from the Marvel and DC universes.

The only thing about the platform I don’t like is that it’s not easy to use. It’s not like you won’t be able to find the comic, but you might have to deal with some annoying ads and wait a little longer to get it. It might be hard for new users to find comics.

Comic online free

Last but not least, you can also read free comics from the Marvel and DC universes online. Even though they might have a smaller database of magazines, each one will be chosen by hand. Most of the time, they update popular comics instead of uploading new colours of paper and comics. If you can’t find your favourite comic in the places listed above, you can read it for free online.


How to read Marvel and DC Comics for free?

There are thousands of different websites available on the Internet that provide free comics from the Marvel and DC universe. We have selected some comics in the above-given section, and you can also try them.