Weekend poll: What are your must-have features in a smartphone?


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If your next device doesn’t have these, it’s a deal breaker

To some, October is the season for candy, costumes, pumpkins, and apples, but here at Android Police, there’s only one thing on our mind — new smartphones. If you’re looking to upgrade this year, you probably have a wishlist of everything you want out of your next device. Folding screens, under-display cameras — maybe even a headphone jack if you’re feeling crazy. Even if your dream phone doesn’t exist, everyone has that one feature they absolutely can’t live without.

This fall looks to be a little quieter than usual, especially on the flagship front. With LG out of the game entirely and OnePlus skipping its usual mid-cycle upgrade, smartphone choice might seem a little more limited than usual. Still, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 are Samsung’s best foldables yet, and Google’s Pixel 6 keeps us up at night as we dream of all its potential power. Maybe you’re even thinking of jumping over to the iPhone 13 Pro and its fancy camera system — although iOS probably stops most of us in our tracks. Perhaps there’s an unexpected device in the pipeline, a phone so surprising, we don’t even know it’s in the works.

Whatever you’re planning on upgrading to next, you likely have a feature or two that it’ll need to have before you can even consider throwing your credit card down. Maybe it’s something fairly standard, like water resistance or NFC for mobile payments. Maybe it’s something a little harder to find these days,

For this poll, we’ll be assuming you’re looking at an Android phone — this is an Android site after all, so “runs Android” feels a little too obvious. Otherwise, feel free to pick the things you absolutely need in your next device. Try to be a little picky on this one — if you feel like a choice isn’t a must-have, don’t select it. And of course, this is a tough one to list out every single available option, so leave a comment for whatever we’ve missed.

We’re deep into smartphone launch season, so we’re asking the question you likely ask yourself whenever you upgrade your phone: what are the most important, must-have features to consider when buying a new phone?

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