What Are Pos 1-5 in ML?

A lot of players have come across the terms Pos (Position) 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in ML (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang). These terms are used to describe various positions in the game and how many resources they are allowed to take in the map. Players may sometimes switch Pos in ML depending on how the match progresses. However, for the most part, players are assigned a position at the beginning of the match that they must follow, especially in professional tournaments. Here is a guide on what are Pos 1-5 in ML and how they affect the outcome of a match.

What is Pos in ML

Pos, or position in ML is a term used by players to describe their gold allocation for the match. Pos in ML is different from the term Role. A role is your assigned lane in a match (Gold, Roam, Jungle, Mid, EXP) while the term Pos is referring to your gold or farming priority. The higher your position is, the more gold or resources you are allowed to take or farm on the map.

Here is the list of Pos in ML;

  • Pos 1 – Most Gold Laners get to have top priority when it comes to resources. In a competitive setting, Pos 1 players must farm as much as they can in order to carry the team in the mid to late game.

  • Pos 2 – Junglers are usually assigned in this position. Most assassin junglers require a lot of farming in order to carry the team in the late game. However, with the recent shift in meta with utility junglers, this position can be assigned to other roles like the Mid or EXP Laners.

  • Pos 3 – This position is usually assigned to EXP Laners as they require items to engage and survive in teamfigths but are not necessarily the top priority when it comes to resources. 

  • Pos 4 – This is usually given to Mid Laners or mages. Most mages have quite powerful burst or poke potential in the early game which means they won’t be requiring a lot of resources until the later stages of the match.

  • Pos 5 – The lowest gold priority is given to roamers. As they won’t be able to farm in the early game due to the roaming boots blessing, roamers should just focus on exploring the map and provide vision and support to their allies.

Keep in mind that positions may change depending on the team composition or heroes used. Some roles may also need to have their positions adjusted when needed.