What Does LMG Mean in COD Mobile?

LMG, also known as “Light Machine Gun” is one of the weapon types in Call of Duty (COD): Mobile. This weapon category stands out as a formidable choice for players who prefer heavy firepower and sustained suppressive fire without being encumbered too much by a weapon’s weight. LMG in COD Mobile also boasts more bullets per clip allowing players to stay longer in a fight. While the weapon provides a lot of advantages, they are also harder to control in terms of recoil. Here is a guide on what an is LMG in COD Mobile and how to use it effectively in the game.

What is LMG in COD Mobile?

LMG in COD Mobile means “Light Machine Gun”. It is a class of firearms that combines the portability of a rifle with the firepower of a machine gun. These weapons are designed for extended shooting sessions and are often equipped with larger ammunition magazines and more substantial barrels to manage the heat generated during prolonged firefights. LMG in COD Mobile is ideal for players who adopt a defensive playstyle or seek to provide cover fire for their teammates.

Here are the advantages of using an LMG in the game;

  • High Damage Output: LMGs excel at dealing significant damage per shot, making them especially lethal against both enemy players and Scorestreaks. 

  • Large Magazine Size: One of the most appealing aspects of LMGs is their large ammunition capacity. Players can engage in prolonged engagements without having to reload frequently.

  • Suppression and Area Denial: The continuous stream of bullets fired from an LMG can suppress enemy movements, making it challenging for opponents to advance or return fire effectively. 

While LMGs can exhibit significant recoil due to their firepower, attachments and player skill can help manage them effectively. 

LMG in COD Mobile can offer a lot of advantages for players who focus on providing cover fire for allies or pressuring enemies to reveal their locations. However, keep in mind that the more firepower a weapon has, the harder it is to control due to its recoil. This means, players must choose the right LMG in COD Mobile that suits their playstyle and equip the right equipment and perks to maximize its potential.