What Does MPL Mean in Mobile Legends

What Does MPL Mean in Mobile Legends

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports community is bursting at the seams with local and international competitions held all over the world. The official professional and amateur leagues, which are held twice a year in different regions, are one of the most well-known events. The professional leagues are used to qualify for international competitions such as the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) and the MLBB World Series Championships. Many people watch professional leagues to cheer on their favorite teams and pro players as they battle for the honor of being one of the top teams and winning a world championship title.

What does MPL mean in MLBB?

The Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) is the official local league that also serves as a qualifier for various international events like the MSC, Invitational Tournaments, and the World Championship. The league is held twice a year where professional teams compete for the championship title.

Through a variety of small-scale esports competitions, Moonton has been marketing its competitive scene ever since Mobile Legends’ formal release in July 2016. The first MPL regions did not come into existence until 2018. Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar were the regions that saw the first official MPL season. However, until Singapore officially acquired its own league season in 2021, Malaysia and Singapore played in the same league at that time.

The league has slowly stretched its domain to a wider audience with China having the potential of having its official league soon as in the region in April 2023. 

Selected regions that host MPL events also have an amateur league called Mobile Legends Development League (MDL). Professional esports teams sign talented amateurs in the league in preparation for their potential promotion to the big leagues. Some amateur teams also get invited to compete in the tournament to spice up the competition.


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