What Is a Supply Depot in Road to Valor: Empires? How to Activate it?

Gems in Road to Valor: Empires - How to Get Them?

Krafton is making waves in India with its latest free-to-play PvP [player vs player] Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game Road to Valor: Empires. In this mobile game, players can command mythical gods, beasts, and heroes, fight against opponents with their garrison, and score points and rewards when they win. Apart from the gameplay, the game also allows players to unlock other accessories and cards using chests. There are many different chests available in the game and each of them has different rewards. 

The types of chests available in Road to Valor: Empires are as follows:

  • Common Chest

  • Great Chest

  • Superior Chest

  • Medal Chest

  • Victory Chest

  • Glorious Chest

  • Supply Depot

While the Supply Depot is essentially a chest, it works differently. Here’s everything you need to know about the Supply Depot.

Road to Valor: Empires – All you need to know about Supply Depot

The Supply Depot in Road to Valor: Empires is part of an interesting reward system. Before getting into the details of how it functions, let us see what the Level 1 Supply Depot offers to the players:

  • Grey cards: 10

  • Blue cards: 2

  • Gold card(s): 1

  • Gems: 70

  • Gold Coins: 200 

These figures will change as you level up your Supply Depot. Now, let us understand how this unique chest works in the game. 

First things first, you need to open ten chests to activate the Supply Depot. As you level up your Supply Depot, you will get better and more rewards. If you do not open your Supply Depot for a certain amount of time, it will reset to Level 1 and will eventually deactivate. 

Essentially, the Supply Depot has five levels. For example, you will see Level 1/5 when you click on it and it will also display a lock underneath it. 

The levels that you see near the lock icon on the chest (1/10) represent the number of chests you have opened. Every time you open a chest, you will see this number increase from one to 10. Once it hits level 10, you can use gems to upgrade your overall Supply Depot level.

If you are someone that loves getting more rewards in the game, there’s some good news for you. On 3rd April, Krafton released the first update for the game through which it announced a new in-game event called Gold Rush. 

The Gold Rush in Road to Valor: Empires is an eight-day in-game event where players have the opportunity to win extra gold coins in one-on-one [1:1] battles by simply destroying the enemy towers. Players will be granted 200 Gold coins for every enemy tower they destroy in a battle and 600 Gold coins for destroying all three enemy towers in the game. 

The Gold Rush event is scheduled to continue till 10th April and the developers said that there are a total of 20,000 gold coins up for grabs.  Apart from this, this latest update also brought forth new weekly special chests that will be made available to users at a discount.


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