What Is Hip Fire in CODM?

Hip Fire in CODM (Call of Duty: Mobile) is one of the playstyles that players can master in the game. This strategy involves firing your weapon without aiming down your weapon sights to immediately fire at your targets. Hip Fire in CODM can be a huge game changer during close-range encounters where you may not have enough time to carefully aim your shots at opponents. A lot of players may find it hard to use this strategy due to the high recoil of weapons. However, with the right loadout and weapon choices, players can maximize the potential of Hip Fire in CODM to catch enemies by surprise and win matches.

What is Hip Fire in COD Mobile?

Hip Fire in CODM is the art of firing your weapon without aiming down the sights, presenting a challenging playstyle to master, primarily because of the high recoil of certain weapons. Nevertheless, its potential as a game-changer in specific situations makes it a skill worth honing for any dedicated player.

How to use Hip Fire in CODM?

Players can customize their Hip Fire in CODM by following the instructions;

  • Launch COD Mobile in your mobile device

  • Open the setting menu

  • Tap  on the Controls tab

  • Tap on the Advanced Mode option

  • Tap on the Hip Fire option

If you wish to fully customize your buttons, simply tap on the Custom Layout button. 

Best loadout for Hip Fire in CODM

Playing with Hip Fire in CODM can be difficult for new players. However, with the help of the right attachments and perks, players can definitely make it easier to handle weapons no matter the recoil.

The best weapon category for Hip Fire in CODM is the submachine gun. This weapon holds a decent amount of ammo and can fire rapidly, allowing you to spray more bullets in little time.

A good example would be the AKS-74U, also known as RUS-79U. Here is a loadout that players can use;

The Ligh Flash Guard should reduce bullet spread while doing Hip Fire in CODM. The OWC Marksman can help reduce recoil and increase the weapon’s range. The Wild Hip Fire perk and the laser attachment will increase your weapon accuracy while the extended mag will allow you to fire more bullets per clip.