What Is the Cold-Blooded Perk in CODM?

The Cold-Blooded perk in CODM (Call of Duty: Mobile) stands out as a highly valuable asset, particularly for gamers favoring a stealthy playstyle or seeking to catch adversaries off guard while avoiding auto-targeting Scorestreaks. For those aiming to fully exploit its advantages, a tailored loadout becomes essential. By strategically employing the Cold-Blooded perk in CODM, players gain a significant advantage on the battlefield, ensuring their covert movements and surprise attacks go undetected. Shielded from the enemy’s technological eyes, they can swiftly turn the tide of battle. Here is a guide for the Cold-Blooded perk in CODM and how to use it effectively.

What is the Cold-Blooded perk in CODM?

The Cold-Blooded perk in CODM prevents enemy AI-controlled Scorestreaks from targeting you. However, manually-controlled Scorestreaks can still be used against you.

This perk can also heavily counter the Tracker perk where players can temporarily detect enemy footprints.

How to use Cold-Blooded perk in CODM

To utilize the effects of the Cold-Blooded perk in CODM, players can aim for the Scorestreak playstyle. This playstyle focuses on earning points fast to use various Scorestreak options to dominate enemies.

Here is a perk combination that players can use;

  • Tactician – Spawn with an extra piece of tactical equipment.

  • Cold-Blooded – Enemy AI-controlled Scorestreaks cannot target players. Does not affect manually-controlled Scorestreaks.

  • Hardline – Increases points earned from killing enemies by 25%.

Depending on the player’s playstyle, using weapons that will help them easily takedown enemies is a must. Most of the time, assault rifles or submachine guns are perfect for this as they carry a lot of ammo and can help you last longer in a fight. 

For players who are good with long-ranged combat, sniper rifles can also be a great weapon to pick up as they usually one-shot enemies from greater distances.

Players should keep in mind that the Cold-Blooded perk in CODM requires players to strategize on how they play instead of blindly attacking enemies. With the right positioning and timing, players can definitely rank up fast using this perk.