What Is the Conquest Mode in Marvel Snap?

How to play Conquest Mode in Marvel Snap?

Conquest mode was launched on 13th June as part of the Spider-Verse update and it is serving as an alternative to the standard ranked mode. Conquest is a new competitive game mode for Marvel Snap that utilizes its Battle Mode feature. Instead of just fighting your opponent once, Conquest mode lets you battle the same opponent multiple times to determine who the best player is. 

In this new mode, players compete in the already-familiar Battle Mode format against others. Every time you win, instead of taking Cubes, you drain the health from your opponent. Notably, both players begin with 10 health in total, and the first to lose it all is knocked out.

Players will have to fight back and forth with the same decks, snapping to increase the damage dealt, until one player’s health reduces. Consecutive wins are crucial in Conquest mode and by picking up more overall wins, you will advance further in the ranked tier. 

The tiers are as follows: 

  • Proving Grounds

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Infinity

With each victory, players are given medals and they also secure their spot in the next Conquest. The more one progresses, the better rewards they reap.  Simply put, you start at Proving Grounds and anyone can play in this tier for free without any consequences of losing. When you beat your opponent in this level, you will gain access to the Silver tier, thanks to a ticket that you earned.

Likewise, every time you clear a level, you get a ticket to the next. But losing comes at a cost in tiers starting from Silver. Upon entering these higher tiers, your ticket is consumed. This means that you will lose your ticket if you lose that tier and you will have to earn one again from scratch. 

Unlike the other tiers that are always available, you can only play the Infinity Conquest during the final week of the season. So, players will have to save up those Infinity Tickets that they receive as rewards and gear up for the season’s end. Winning in the Infinity Conquest will get you an Infinity-Framed copy of your current avatar. This exclusive reward can only be obtained by conquering the Infinity Conquest.

Here’s an overview of the costs of entry to each Conquest mode tier, the wins needed to advance further, and their respective rewards: