What Is the Daily Reset Time in Honkai Star Rail?

What Is the Daily Reset Time in Honkai Star Rail?

Honkai Star Rail features permanent content as well as daily missions that you can complete to earn resources and Stellar Jade. Like Genshin Impact’s Daily Commissions, you have to login every day to do a few quick missions and spend your Energy to progress your account. The resets happen at fixed times on each of the servers and you can plan your playtime accordingly to ensure you always login after the daily reset happens.

Honkai Star Rail: Daily Reset Times

Here are all of the daily reset times for Honkai Star Rail: 

  • America: 04:00 AM UTC +8

  • Europe: 04:00 AM UTC -5

  • Asia: 04:00 AM UTC +1

Make sure you do your daily training tasks and claim your check-in rewards every day when you log in. If you actively do Assignments, you can claim your rewards and send your characters back to the field again. 

Completing your dailies also progresses your battle pass and you should redeem your battle pass points before logging off for the day. You should also spend your energy to ensure you do not over-cap past the 180 Energy mark. It will allow you to earn Trailblazer XP and obtain resources for leveling up your characters and light cones.

Honkai Star Rail: Weekly Reset Times

These are the weekly reset times for Honkai Star Rail. 

  • America: 04:00 AM UTC +8 (Every Monday)

  • Europe: 04:00 AM UTC -5 (Every Monday)

  • Asia: 04:00 AM UTC +1 (Every Monday)

All of your weekly objectives reset every Monday including your battle pass weekly quests. Currently, most players have not hit the level cap and there may be more weekly activities that are added in future updates. 

For more Honkai Star Rail content, check out our guide to finding for some Stellar Jade. We also have a guide for unlocking the which can unlock some sweet rewards and a free character.


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