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What is the Meaning of AFK, CN, OP, and KDA in Mobile Legends


There are a lot of terms used by players in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The most common terms used in the game are AFK (Away From Keyboard), CN (Change Name), OP (Overpowered), and KDA (Kill Death Assist). These commonly used abbreviations in Mobile Legends are used in specific situations to conveniently communicate or share information with other players. As there are limits to how many characters you can type in chat before sending, these shortened terms will be useful in multiple situations. More information regarding the meaning of AFK, CN, OP, and KDA in Mobile Legends can be found below.

What is the term AFK in MLBB?

The term stands for Away From Keyboard and is widely used to call players who are inactive during a match or not responding to anything. There are various reasons why a player may be AFK in Mobile Legends. Some of the reasons include issues regarding internet connectivity, devices, server problems, or simply an intentional disconnection. Either way, a player who is AFK for a long time will be disconnected from the game and will receive a penalty for missing out on the match.

What is CN in MLBB?

The term is short for Change Name and is commonly used by Squad or Clan leaders in Mobile Legends to let other players know that they need to change their in-game name () if they want to join the group. Most leaders in MLBB often make players include their clan or squad abbreviations after their to show that they are a member of the said group.

What is OP in MLBB?

OP stands for overpowered and is commonly used to describe heroes, item builds, or strategies that are believed to be too strong in the current meta. These “OP” mechanics are often very effective and are used by players to increase their chances of winning matches.

What is KDA in MLBB?

KDA is short for Kill Death and Assist. When players ask for another player’s KDA, they are referring to a player’s end-game score on how many kills, deaths, and assists they may have acquired. 

Another term in Mobile Legends is the KDA ratio which is commonly used to determine if the player played well in a match or not. The formula Kill + Assists / Death is used to determine a player’s performance after a match. 

An example would be if a player has 10 Kills, 12 Assists, and 2 Deaths after a match then their ratio would be 11.

These are the meanings of AFK, CN, OP, and KDA in Mobile Legends. It is important to take note of these terms because players may come across them very often in the game.

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