What Is the Meaning of TP in ML?

The term TP in ML (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) is frequently used among players in the community. The term refers to a process of moving from one place to another through various means like abilities, Recall, battle spells, and more. Aside from its varying use in combat, TP in ML can also be a way of communication for players and is mainly used as a taunt or to pass the time while waiting for minions and jungle creeps to spawn. Here is a guide on what is the meaning of TP in ML and the possible reasons why your opponents or allies are spamming its animation in front of you.

What is TP in ML?

The term TP in ML means “teleport” which allows players to travel large distances faster than walking towards the location. There are various ways for a hero to teleport but the most commonly used is the Recall spell which can send players back to their respective base after a short period of channeling.

Why are players spamming Recall animations in Mobile Legends?

There are a lot of reasons why players might be spamming recall animations in ML;

  • Some players spam Recall animations to simply annoy or taunt their opponents into attacking them. This tactic is effective against players who are already tilted.

  • There are also instances where players are comping a bush with nothing to do but wait for an unsuspecting enemy to pass through. While waiting, players may be spamming Recall animations just to have something to do.

  • Players who spam Recall animations may have acquired it as a habit and can’t help themselves. Due to how the game requires you to have a fast response time to press buttons, some players may find it hard to rest their fingers on the screen when nothing is happening.

  • Sometimes, players who spam Recall animations may simply do it to avoid being marked as while they are doing something else outside the game.

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