When Does Sivir Release in Wild Rift?

When Does Sivir Release in Wild Rift?

One of the recently leaked champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift is Sivir. The champion is classified as a marksman that features a few unique abilities. The upcoming new Wild Rift champion Sivir is one of the few champions who has a Crowd Control immunity ability. This allows her to have more survivability than most marksman heroes in the game. Sivir also has decent mobility as most of her abilities provide bonus movement speed like her passive, and second skill. Her ultimate ability also provides her with more movement speed and additional cooldown reduction, allowing her to easily chase down enemies or escape sticky situations.

Wild Rift Sivir release date

Riot Games is yet to announce the official release date of Sivir in Wild Rift. Dataminers are also unsure of the release date and have yet to provide their predictions.

However, according to , Sivir may be arriving soon in Wild Rift since the champion has just received a new splash art for League of Legends PC. This is similar to how Kassadin was released in Wild Rift shortly after receiving his own splash art update.

Sivir is one of the oldest champions released in League of Legends PC. The champion has received a lot of visual and small gameplay changes since her release. Sivir’s playstyle focuses on gaining momentum by stacking movement speed buffs and chasing down enemies or easily roaming around the map.

Riot Games is yet to confirm if Sivir will be arriving in Wild Rift in one of the future patch updates. Given how champion releases only happen once or twice per major patch, the new marksman champion may not be arriving soon. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

It will be interesting to see how Riot Games will adjust Sivir’s playstyle once she officially gets added to Wild Rift’s champion pool.


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