When Drake Was Heartbroken Being Rejected By Nicki Minaj After A Hot One Night Stand [Reports]

Did You Know Nicki Minaj Rejected Drake After They Hooked & Had A One Night Stand? [Reports]
Draka Once Had A Night Stand With Nicki Minaj But She Rejected Him The Very Next Day! Here’s What Happened [Reports] ( Photo Credit – )

If you are a celebrity it doesn’t mean you are safe from facing rejection. And how do we know that? Well, we came across a 2013 article that reported that Aubrey Drake Graham aka Drake —the man behind tracks like ‘One Dance,’ ‘Rich Flex,’ ‘Knife Talk’ and more was rejected by the ‘Do We Have A Problem?’ singer Nicki Minaj.

As per this report, the latter didn’t just reject and leave him heartbroken just like that but after they spent a passionate night together. Read on.

As per a September 2013 Hollywood Life report (based on quotes taken from Media Takeout), Nicki Minaj had rejected Drake after the duo spent a steamy night together. As per the website, at that time the ‘Knife Talk’ singer was reportedly madly in love with Trinidadian-born rapper-singer and only had eyes for her. However, after much chasing and finally getting with her, she rejected him.

As per the website, everyone knew of Drake liking Nicki Minaj. They even quoted a source saying, “Drake made it known that he was in love with Nicki. Everyone knew it.” This inside added, that even though Nicki was totally uninterested in the ‘Rich Flex’ singer, he continued to pursue her fiercely and finally got to spend a night with her.

Talking about it, the source said, “Drake was persistent and he must have caught Nicki on a [good] day because she gave in.” The two singers reportedly finally hooked up that day and things got hot and heavy between them. While Drake thought it was the beginning of something, Minaj only saw it as a one-night stand.

To this, the inside said, “I guess he thought they were going to be in a relationship or something,” the insider told Media Takeout. “But it was just a one time thing for Nicki.” Well, that rejection surely much have hurt.

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