When Emma Stone Was Jealous Of Jennifer Lawrence & Wanted To Quit Acting In Hollywood, “My Ego Is Going Nuts… I’m Screwed”

Emma Stone Jealous Of Jennifer Lawrence
Emma Stone Once Was Jealous Of Marvel Co-star Jennifer Lawrence ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Emma Stone became a household name in the superhero fandom after she played Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man. Even though her stint as the love interest of Peter Parker did not last long, she has a massive fan following. Her acting skills have made her mark in the showbiz industry, and once she was jealous of her fellow Marvel star Jennifer Lawrence.

Emma and JLaw appeared in different Marvel movies where Jennifer appeared in X-Men movies as Mystique, and Emma appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Off-screen, the duo also shared quite a bond as friends where they have occasionally praised each other. Read on to learn more about when the Spider-Man actress was jealous of the X-Men movie star.

The Amazing Spider-Man star Emma Stone talked to Vanity Fair for a cover story and talked about how Jennifer Lawrence was “so great and vibrant and talented”. Emma said, “She may not even know this, but there was definitely a time early on when I was like, ‘Oh hey my ego is going nuts, she’s so great and vibrant and talented, I’m screwed, I’ll never work again, goodbye yellow brick road.’

Emma Stone feared that she would never be able to make her mark as the Hunger Games star was so talented. She learnt as both of them are different and said, “there is room for everyone, even if it’s an industry that doesn’t really seem to support that idea up front.”

Being good friends, the actor added, “We both really do love each other and care about each other as people beyond being actors.” Both of them share years of bond and have been participating in multiple joint interviews and public outings. However, both Emma and JLaw have become more private in recent years as they each got married and welcomed children.

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