When Kim Kardashian Was Handed A Trash Bag Filled With Around 2 Crores Cash At A Casino In Las Vegas

When Kim Kardashian Was Handed A Trash Bag Full Money Worth Around Rs 2 Crores At A Casino In Las Vegas
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It is really hard for us to keep up with the Kardashians; they are in the news almost every day for something or the other. Kim Kardashian, the media personality who has made a fortune in her life, has been making the headlines for years now, but did you know Kim once carried a load of money in a trash bag? And not a few dollars. She reportedly carried back around 250K US Dollars. WHOAA! She won the amount after gambling with Jho Low, who is now a fugitive. Keep scrolling to get all the deets on it.

For the unversed, Jho Low is a Malaysian financier and wanted fugitive who has allegedly siphoned $4.5 billion from a foreign government investment fund. Kim was investigated in 2019 in connection to this case, and that is when Kim spoke about this incident of carrying thousands of dollars so casually.

As per a report in South China Morning Post, Kim Kardashian met Jho Low in 2009 in one of the most infamous gambling spots across the globe, i.e. Las Vegas. As per the FBI via the portal’s report, one of Kardashian’s friends told her “that Low was notorious for gambling and giving a lot of money away to people.” Later that night, Kim joined Low and his group in a private room of the casino to play baccarat. For the record, it is a card game where players bet on two hands.

After some time, when Kim Kardashian was about to leave, she was stopped by her friend, who asked her to “drink some coffee and stick around a little longer.” As they heard that, “had heard stories of Low giving people chips at the end of the night when gambling.” Luckily she listened and stayed, for Kim won a whopping amount of money in one game. The report further stated that Kardashian was told by her guards to give back the chips to Low as they did not belong to her. Following the advice, when she did that, Low asked her to keep the money. When she went to the cash counter in order to cash out the chips, she was informed that she had chips worth around $350K. The reports stated she was handed a “trash bag full of one hundred dollar bills estimated to be worth US$250,000.” She later put that money in her carry-on bag to carry it back to LA.

Kim Kardashian further won $100K, which was once again handed to her in a trash bag.
As for the con-man Jho Low, Leonardo DiCaprio was also interrogated by the FBI as there were reports that he invested money in the actor’s film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

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