Who Is HuanLong in Honkai: Star Rail? New Leaks About Boss Surface

Who Is HuanLong in Honkai: Star Rail? New Leaks About Boss Surface

HoYoverse’s Honkai: Star Rail was released on 26th April and has been making waves in the role-playing games (RPG) community. The game is available for play on mobile devices, PC, and is set to release on PlayStation soon. While the game might look similar to Genshin Impact, in Honkai: Star Rail, you take the role of a Trailblazer, who is part of a faction, traveling through the universe on a big train called the Astral Express. You run into companions and enemies during your journey during this turn-based RPG.

The community has been thoroughly enjoying the gameplay so far and many are extremely excited about what’s to come in the near future. A new Honkai: Star Rail leak suggests that a new boss might be in the making and might get released in the next few months. One Twitter user named HSR_stuff posted about the supposed new boss HuanLong from Xianzhou Luofo.

Here’s all we know about HuanLong in Honkai: Star Rail.

Is HuanLong the new boss in Honkai: Star Rail?

Details about HuanLong, the speculated new boss in Honkai: Star Rail were posted by the HSR_stuff handle on Twitter, who drives a fair share of followers and also has a track record of posting other information about the game. However, given the fact that the detail is only a leak and not from an official account, it has to be taken with a pinch of salt. 

HSR_Stuff said on , “#HonkaiStarRail HSR LEAKS. Model of the new boss from the Luofu, is called HuanLong and apparently changes colors (Speculation: maybe elements). Credits to: Mystos

The image that was shared by the handle showcased three different appearances of the boss represented in the colors green, purple, and orange. Fans are speculating that the three forms could probably represent the elements of Wind, Electricity, and Fire. 

Notably, HuanLong is supposedly from Xianzhou Luofu, one of the six Flagships owned by the Hexafleet of the Xianzhou Alliance. The description of Luofo reads, “It sails like a one-way arrow through the galaxy, with the goal of eradicating the Abominations of Abundance. It is the second world the Trailblazers go to after completing the Belobog storyline.

Other sources also claimed that HuanLong refers to a yellow dragon prominent in Chinese mythology. Interestingly, one of Honkai: Star Rail’s bosses, Abundant Ebon Deer, is based on Fuzhu in Chinese mythology which refers to a deer.

Given that these details are just preliminary leaks, the exact spawn location of HuanLong and the rewards for defeating this rumored boss are unknown.


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