Who Is Sampo Koski in Honkai: Star Rail?

Who Is Sampo Koski in Honkai: Star Rail?

Sampo Koski is a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail who is a mercenary from the Underworld and is on Jarilo-VI. He takes up all kinds of jobs for his customers as long as he gets paid. While Sampo might be running away from the Silvermane Guards or fighting for his friends most of the time, he is an extremely vibrant and energetic salesman from Jarilo-VI, who knows how to fight and win. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Sampo Koski and his build path and abilities.

Honkai: Star Rail Sampo – Build Path

Sampo Koski in Honkai: Star Rail is a four-star character under the path of Nihility. His element is Wind and he is capable of dishing out high damage to enemies. His damage is reliant on the utility and he is capable of applying DoT (damage over time) and debuffs to numerous enemies at once. The best idea is to pair Sampo up with high-damage dealers like Jing Yuan to kill enemies. 

His ability priority order is as follows: 

Ultimate ➜ Skill ➜ Talent ➜ Normal Attack

Dazzling Blades: Sampo’s Normal Attack

Single Target which does wind damage to a % of Sampo’s ATK to a single enemy.

Skill: Ricochet Love

As the name suggests, he throws a dagger that deals Wind damage to a single enemy and then bounces around. The dagger will bounce randomly between enemies up to a maximum of 4 times, each time dealing Wind damage equal to a certain percentage of Sampo’s ATK.

Ultimate: Surprise Present

You use Energy Cost when you cast it. You deal wind damage equal to a certain percentage of Sampo’s ATK to all enemies, with a 100% base chance to increase the target’s DoT taken for more turns.

His Traces are:

  • Trap

  • Defensive Position

  • Spice Up

The ideal Sampo build should focus on DoT damage so that you stack as much ATK% as possible.

Coming to cones, the four-star light cone ‘Eyes of Prey’ fits Sampo’s kit and you can get it through the normal gacha. Some of the other light cones that could fit the kit are:

The Eagle of Twilight Line and Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise are good choices for Sampo’s relics along with Musketeer of Wild Wheat.


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