Why BGMI Players Are Facing “Server Not Online Yet Error”?

Why BGMI Players Are Facing

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), India’s favorite mobile shooter title, had remained unavailable on the Play Store and the App Store in India for almost 10 months. Yet, that did not stop dedicated players from the community to log into the game and play as the servers were still online. However, recent developments have revealed that players are now unable to access the game as it prompts an “Server Error” message upon logging in. The game has seemingly undergone a server maintenance phase as Krafton resumes its plan to relaunch the game in India while adhering to the data security and user welfare laws.

Why did BGMI servers go offline?

BGMI was playable till 10:00 AM IST this morning after which the game kicked out all the active players. Now, there’s only a text box appearing on the screen that states “Server is not online yet. Please check the official news for further information regarding availability. Thank you for your understanding”.  The suddenness of this led many players to post on social media, fearing that the game might now be gone permanently.

However, bringing down the curtains on all the speculations, Krafton, after a long haul, finally released a statement regarding the unban of BGMI in India.

In a following post, they also urged players to “Turn on the Notifications” so players might know when the server goes live.

Krafton’s full notice to BGMI players on Server Shutdown

Furthermore, there is also notice that players can access in the game where Krafton has cleared the confusion by saying “BGMI servers will be unavailable for a while to come up with a bigger and better experience”. They have further assured that the players’ account data will remain safe as well as all their progress in the game. 

As for the date when the servers will be live again, Krafton has mentioned “We will keep you informed of further developments and the release date through our social media platforms.” So players are advised to keep an eye on their where Krafton will soon drop the re-launch date of BGMI.

Krafron ends the notice by asking players to game responsibly which also brings us to the methods Krafton will implement to reduce in-game violence and time spent inside the game. Although the specifics aren’t available for the public yet, as soon as the server shutdown lifts off, players will get hands-on experience of the modified BGMI experience that complies with all the government guidelines.


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