Why brands should start offering 256GB storage as base with premium phones in 2022

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Every year, OEMs launch high-end premium smartphones with top-notch specs, involving a flagship Qualcomm chipset, greater set of cameras, high refresh display, fast charging support and more. The brands also try to appeal users by offering a luxurious design, but we believe people in 2022 might also be keen on getting more than 128GB storage with high-end phones.

While this may sound like a minor issue for some, there are people who struggle to keep the storage space clean for various reasons. It seems that iQOO took this quite seriously and launched its latest iQOO 9 series phones with 256GB storage as a base variant. While smartphones like Huawei P50 Pocket and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 have offered this, iQOO is the first one to offer a premium phone (in China) with 256GB as base storage in the lower price range (around Rs 50,000).

While this could be the brand’s strategy to attract more customers by offering 256GB storage as a base model, this also makes us hopeful that more brands might go in the same direction in the coming months. Here’s why we think these smartphone companies should start offering more storage with premium devices.

Why brands should start offering 256GB storage as base with premium phones in 2022?

-The smartphones that you buy come preinstalled with a lot of apps and these combined with system occupy a lot of storage space. You will notice that around 15GB of space has already been used by them and you also don’t get to uninstall some of the apps. Also, companies ship phones with unnecessary native apps, including browser, app store, Themes, and more. This is fine, but a user should have the option to uninstall them to free up some storage space when required. This might not irk you at first, but after a few months, you will want to get this removed from your smartphone.

-A lot of hard-core users buy high-end smartphones to get an overall powerful performance and great gaming experience. The graphically demanding games like Genshin Impact take 14.7GB of storage space and with every update, they occupy more storage space. The other apps like WhatsApp, Netflix, Instagram and Disney+ Hotstar also take a lot of space if you are also counting the user data. The same is also the case with photo and video editing apps. WhatsApp, which is one of the most used messaging apps in India, easily takes up to 8GB of space, which also includes user data. It is no secret that people these days have more than 35-40 apps on their devices and they also have thousands of photos/videos that fill up all the storage space in no time. If your smartphone has 128GB, then it will likely get full in just a few months.

-Additionally, some of the brands like OnePlus don’t offer support for storage expansion via microSD card, which makes it a little hard to store a lot of data on the smartphone. Samsung also stopped offering support for microSD with Galaxy S21 models. People these days do have the option to back up data to a cloud. But what about those who don’t want to store their data on a third-party cloud service and just keep it on the phone?

Besides, Google Photos also stopped offering unlimited free storage in 2021, and you get 15GB of total storage, which is used across all the Google services. And transferring data to personal hard drives could be a little annoying for many.

-Premium high-end phones now come with incredible cameras and detailed high-quality photos are easily up to 40MB in size. The brands boast of their camera prowess, but forget that the photos you take using those occupy more space than ever. Here, we are not even talking about recording 4K or 1080p videos.

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