Why Photoshop’s Super Resolution trick falls short of its promise – for now

Adobe Photoshop has been embracing the power of AI to a mildly terrifying degree recently, but now it’s getting something slightly less scary than neural filters – a new feature called Super Resolution.

The handy new tool, which is now available in Camera Raw 13.2 and will be landing soon on Lightroom and Lightroom Classic, has a simple claim – to be able to double the resolution of your photos using machine learning, while improving their quality.

This is a big deal for most photographers, particularly those of us who remember the early days of the megapixel wars. Back in the day (we’re old, okay?) you couldn’t go near a camera launch without the megapixel count of a camera being thrust at you.

Adobe Super Resolution

(Image credit: Adobe)

Four megapixels. Eight. 12. 18. We remember when the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, with its 30.4MP sensor, arrived – that was it, the end of the resolution wars. From that point on, virtually any camera you could buy would offer enough resolution to do virtually anything with the images you wanted. 

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