Wild Rift Adds Remake Feature for Ranked and Heavier Penalties for AFK Players

The Remake System has finally been added in League of Legends: Wild Rift for all game modes, including ranked matches. This feature was one of the most requested in the game due to the number of players going AFK (Away From Keyboard) or leaving in the middle of the match. The Remake System in Wild Rift will allow players to initiate a vote to end the match early whenever a player leaves during the early stages of the game. This feature was previously only available for normal games. However, Riot Games will be monitoring the feedback regarding the Remake System in Wild Rift and shall be making more adjustments when needed.

Remake System now available for Ranked Game Mode in Wild Rift

The addition of the new Remake System was announced on the official Twitter page of Wild Rift. However, the feature can only be used when a player leaves a match. Players will not unlock the option to remake a match until the AFK player leaves the match.

Once the voting for a remake succeeds, the game will end immediately and both teams will not receive a loss or win. However, the player who left the match will receive a loss. If a player who is penalized is part of a premade party of Master rank and above, the premade members will also be given losses to prevent abuse.

While this is good news for competitive players, some players believe that the Remake System should also be available when a player goes AFK for the first few minutes of the game.

Riot Games imposes heavier penalties on players who leave during a ranked match

The Wild Rift Patch 2.3 also implemented a few changes to ranked matches. Players who leave during a ranked game will receive heavier penalties based on their rank.

  • Below Diamond, Ranked Fortitude will be deducted more based on how long a player was AFK during the match.

  • Diamond and above, more Victory Points (VP) will be deducted based on how long a player was AFK during the match.

The rest of the team will receive more Ranked Fortitude or lose less VP when the match concludes with a loss.

  • Below Diamond, players will receive 20% or 50% of the Ranked Fortitude needed to prevent a loss, based on how long their teammate was AFK. This will also be added to any other Ranked Fortitude they would gain for the match.

  • Diamond and above, players will get back 20% or 50% of the VP they lost, based on how long their teammate was AFK.

All in-game items used during the match such as Blue Motes or EXP Boosters will be refunded when a Remake is initiated.

Riot Games will be adding more convenient features for Wild Rift in the upcoming updates. New content is also on the horizon such as the upcoming that rewards free skins.

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