Wild Rift Announces Wild Circuit Off-Season Tournaments

Riot Games previously promised fans that League of Legends: . The plan has been put into effect as the publisher announced the Wild Circuit events which shall feature a plethora of off-season tournaments for various regions. Riot Games has partnered with interesting third-party esports organizers to provide resources such as prize pools and operational support. The Wild Circuit shall keep teams busy while waiting for the grand opening of the official second season of Wild Rift esports. The schedules and names for the confirmed regional circuits have also been revealed by Riot Games.

Wild Circuit off-season tournament schedules revealed

The first official season of Wild Rift esports concluded on a high note. The Chinese team of the inaugural world series event. While fans await the arrival of Wild Rift esports Season 2, Riot Games has announced a ton of exciting esports events that fans and competitive teams can look forward to.

According to a blog post by Riot Games, the Wild Circuit shall be held in various regions featuring Wild Rift tournaments for professional teams as well as teams of other skill levels. Some events are currently ongoing while some are yet to kick off.

According to Riot Games, these tournament circuits should continue the momentum of competitive play as teams and fans await the opening of Wild Rift esports’ second season.

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