Wild Rift Cosmic Event: How to Get Free Skins

The upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift Cosmic Event will kick off on 26th May and will feature a ton of exciting content for players to enjoy. The event tasks players with collecting Cosmic Tickets that can be used to roll for a chance to win a plethora of in-game loot. Alongside the usual in-game accessories and collectibles, players also stand a chance to acquire one of the Cosmic skins for the champions Master Yi and Lulu. Tickets for the Wild Rift Cosmic Event can also be purchased through a bundle in the in-game shop. The event is exclusive only to the Southeast Asia (SEA) region.

Wild Rift Cosmic Event details

The event will officially start on 26th May and last until 8th June. However, the event store will remain open until 12th June. Players can complete missions to acquire Cosmic Tickets to roll for a chance to win free skins and various in-game prizes.

Players can also purchase a Cosmic Event Rift Emblem Bundle for 90 Wild Cores that contains the following items;

  • 1 Cosmic Ticket (+1 bonus ticket for the first purchase of the bundle)

  • Luck of the Bull Rift Emblem (7 Days Duration, can be extended for each bundle purchase)

Players can purchase up to 75 Bundles which provide a total of 76 tickets, including the first purchase bonus.

Event Missions

Players can earn tickets for free by complete the following missions;

A total of 10 Tickets can be earned for free without purchasing the event bundles in the in-game shop.

How to get free skins in the Wild Rift Cosmic Event

Players who acquired event tickets can head to the event page and hit the Roll button. Players can roll once or five times depending on the number of tickets owned. Players stand a chance to earn the following rewards;

According to Riot Games, the probabilities of each item are dynamic and may shift to favor unclaimed items once an entire stock of a specific item has depleted.

For every Cosmic Ticket claimed, players can also earn a token that can be exchanged for in-game loot in the event shop.

Cosmic Token Store Content

This is one of the region-locked events in Wild Rift exclusive to SEA. However, Riot Games assured fans that other regions will also be receiving their own special events in the near future.


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