Wild Rift Leaks Reveal New Champions That May be Added to the Game

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League of Legends: Wild Rift (WR) is all set to add five new champions – Ornn, Taliyah, Aatrox, Kindred and Yuumi to the game in upcoming patches, as per leaks that have come forth. Wild Rift is currently scheduled to kick off 2022 with a planned on 7th Jan 2022 where they will unveil new content making its way to the mobile MOBA title very soon. However, it looks like the leakers have managed to be a step ahead of them this time.

As the new year has rolled in so has the excitement for the players of the game as leakers and fans alike have gotten on the case and have already managed to dig up details for the upcoming update of the game. Leakers of Wild Rift have gone through the game files and uncovered images and other details indicating five new champions that may be added to the game in the near future. Alongside these speculated champions there shall also be the addition of the Infernal Dragon to the game as indicated by a picture of the dragon found within the game files. The Dragon serves as one of the important objectives within the game for teams, as it grants a buff and even changes the terrain when killed at a particular point in a match.

Speculated Champions and the Infernal Dragon that may come to Wild Rift

Leakers for Wild Rift, , , and one of the more noteworthy leakers found images of the new champions within the game files. They also found an image for the Infernal Dragon, indicating that it could be added to the game in future updates.


Ornn is a champion that is usually played in the top lane and serves the role of a tank within League of Legends PC (LoL PC). He may play out in the same fashion in WR and players can look forward to a new tank to play in the top lane. As per the lore, Ornn is the Freljordian spirit of forging and craftsmanship and has some amazing fiery visuals and abilities. ThePotatoWard says an image for the champion was found within the hub files of the game.


Taliyah is classified as a mage by League of Legends PC and has been seen played mostly in the mid lane or as a jungler. Taliyah can add some diversity for WR players looking for some versatility. As a mage her skills focus on using stones and terrain which include some crowd control potential along with movement for the champion. iTzSTU4RT saw a twitter post for Wild Rift UK which displays Taliyah as its profile icon.


Aatrox is another champion that is played in the top lane and serves as a fighter champion. If LoL PC is any indication Aatrox is quite the formidable champion with a set of devastating abilities.


Kindred on LoL PC is classified as a marksman champion that specializes in the jungler role. Players in WR can look forward to getting their hands on an amazing new jungler champion. The champion has unique skills which gives the feeling like one is playing two champions.


Yuumi is an amazing support champion that is very good for new players of the game. She bears a relatively low skill cap to play as she attaches herself to other champions and aids them within the PC version of League of Legends. Yuumi is a magical cat within the lore of League of Legends and is just downright adorable within the game due to her outrageously cute visuals and persona.

ExC mentions these champions’ arrival in WR in a twitter post.

The Infernal Dragon

Chowz retweeted the image for the Infernal Dragon within the game’s files. The image was discovered by MonstrousYi. This dragon may be a new elemental dragon coming to the game. The dragon serves as an important objective within the game for teams. Killing the dragon grants the killing team a handy buff which benefits the players in maybe ending the match altogether. The dragon being an elemental dragon can also alter terrain if killed at a particular point in the game. This is a noteworthy mechanic within LoL PC and its addition to the mobile title, has certainly hyped up the WR players.

With five new diverse champions, an infernal dragon, along with a teased event on the way, it seems like Wild Rift players have a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks. But, as always, take these leaks with a grain of salt since they still haven’t been officially unveiled by Riot Games.

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