Wild Rift Leaks Reveal Sion Roaming the Map Indefinitely With His Ultimate

League of Legends (LoL): Wild Rift’s PBE (Public Beta Environment) server has revealed that the upcoming champion Sion has a lot more to offer than his PC counterpart. According to data miners, the upcoming champion’s ultimate ability has no time and range limit. This allows Sion to infinitely charge around that map granted he doesn’t collide with any enemy champions or terrain. The LoL PC version has a limit that forces the champion to stop eventually even if he doesn’t collide with anything. Brief gameplay has also been revealed, giving fans a sneak peek at what they can expect from Sion’s abilities once he gets released in Wild Rift.

Sion gameplay revealed through Wild Rift PBE server

Through a YouTube video posted by data miner , fans get a first look at Sion’s gameplay and the changes made to his abilities.

The gameplay seemed normal at first, something players could expect from the Underdead Juggernaut. However, one big change was noticeable when Sion cast his ultimate and charged around the map with no limitations. However, his maneuvering shall prove to be a challenge similar to how players control the angle of Ashe’s ultimate ability while it travels.

These changes to Sion could potentially be a huge impact on his playstyle when he officially arrives on the regular servers of Wild Rift. With his new ultimate ability mechanic, roaming and checking the map could potentially be faster for teams. This allows them to set up potential ambushes or detect enemy invades to prevent casualties.

While the gameplay sneak peeks may be interesting to fans, Sion’s arrival in Wild Rift is still a work in progress. Changes could be implemented which may change the champion’s gameplay once he officially arrives on the regular server.

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