Wild Rift Patch 3.4b New Content: Vex, Supreme Cells, Bewitching Skins and More


The League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 3.4b full notes and updates have been revealed by Riot Games. The patch update features the new champion named Vex as well as the new exclusive skin line, Supreme Cells for Zed, Sett, and Kennen. The new exclusive skins can be acquired through a draw event where players also stand a chance to win a ton of random skins. Other Halloween themed events are also arriving in the game. A few balance changes for champions and gameplay have also been implemented.

New Champion

Vex, the Gloomist

The new champion will be arriving on 27th October at 12:01 AM (UTC).

Supreme Cells Event

The event will start on 1st November at 12:01 AM (UTC) and will feature the Wild Rift exclusive skins for Zed, Sett, and Kennen.

The likelihood of drawing a Self Selection Chest increases with each box opened for the first ten boxes until it is drawn. If the chest has not been drawn by the tenth box, the chance of drawing it on the tenth box is 100%. The likelihood will reset to 1.50% after obtaining the first Supreme Cells Skin Self Selection Chest. You will also receive a Random Legendary Skin Chest on the 20th box and a Supreme Cells Skin Self Selection Chest on the 30th box.

Here is the drop rate of each obtainable reward in the event;

  • Random Rare Skin Chest – 36.00%

  • Random Epic Skin Chest – 10.00%

  • Random Legendary Skin Chest – 2.50%

  • Supreme Cells Skin Self Selection Chest – 1.50%

  • 400 Poro Coins – 50.00%

Players can earn the Supreme Cells Kennen skin through a special pass which can be purchased using Wild Cores, the premium currency for Wild Rift. After purchasing the special pass, log in for seven days straight to acquire a plethora of rewards as well as an exclusive skin.

Bewitching Vex’s Bingo Event

The event will officially start on 27th October at 12:01 AM (UTC). More details will be revealed at a later date.

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