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Wild Rift Patch 3.5 Preview: New Champions, Skins, Jungle Buff Sharing, and More


The upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift 3.5 Preview content has been revealed by Riot Games. The next major update contains a ton of exciting new additions to the game such as three new champions, a plethora of skins to collect, and gameplay changes that may shake up the meta. The next Wild Pass skin reward has also been revealed featuring the champion Jhin as a supervillain. The Wild Rift Patch 3.5 update will also introduce a new exclusive skinline for fans to look forward to. A new major event featuring the Spirit Blossom skinline has also been revealed to arrive in the next patch cycle.

All For One Game Mode

All For One is coming to Wild Rift in patch 3.5! In Champion Select, players in a team will vote for a champion to play, and the one picked via majority will be the selected champ that the team shall play. Ties are broken by random selection. 

Ranked Changes

A new gate for Legendary Queue will be added based on a player’s champion Mastery score. It will limit a player to pick only champs for which they have a high enough Mastery score. If players want to play a new champ in Legendary Queue, they’ll need to get some experience in another queue first. 

New Wild Pass Exclusive Skin

The Super Villain Jhin will be released in Wild Rift Patch 3.5. Players can claim the skin upon reaching Level 50 of the Wild Pass. Players can claim the Ascended skin by playing games and collecting it from the Wild Pass Emporium. 

Spirit Blossom Event

Spirit Blossom is coming to Wild Rift! In this event, players will tend to a little town in the spirit world, where completing missions will let them summon a random spirit. Fill up your town with a cast of quirky personalities.

After that, to go into the new year, Riot Games will introduce a festive little Snowball Fight. Test your aim and collect rewards fit for a poro. Don’t worry, no poros will be harmed as you complete your missions. 

Players will have a lot of content to look forward to for the upcoming Wild Rift Patch 3.5 update. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates regarding release dates and more in the future.

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