Wild Rift Players’ Ranked Rewards Will Be Reset Due to Misconfiguration Issue

Due to a misconfiguration issue, League of Legends: Wild Rift players who logged in and were affected by the issue will have their ranked rewards reset. As compensation, players who are affected will receive the rewards from the next three milestones achieved based on their level, before the reset occurred, as well as a few ranked coins. According to a post from Riot Games, this was caused by the Season Rewards Track in Wild Rift being set to end earlier than intended. The developers have assured players that they are working on restoring the ranked tab before the current season officially ends.

Riot Games to compensate Wild Rift players affected by the issue

According to a post from Riot Games’ community specialist, , all players who logged in during 15th March and were affected by the issue will have their ranked rewards reset.

The ranked wins and losses, as well as Ranked Coins owned, are not affected. However, the ranked rewards progress may have been disrupted and players may not be able to claim the rewards they are supposed to receive.

To compensate the players affected, Riot Games will implement the following;

  • All Ranked Rewards progress for affected players will be reset.

  • Affected players can then start earning rewards on the track again. Ranked Coins can be earned as normal. Any duplicates of content unlocked prior to the reset will be converted to Poro Coins, where possible.

  • At the end of the season, affected players will also receive the rewards from the next three milestones achieved before the reset—for instance, if you climbed to level 8 on the Ranked Rewards track earlier this week, they will also be granted the rewards from levels 9, 10, and 11. If you climbed PAST the milestone you reached before, players will still be credited the same 3 levels worth of Ranked Coins, and convert content to Poro Coins, where possible.

  • Riot Games will also be issuing a one-time grant of Ranked Coins equivalent to the daily cap.

According to Draggle’s post, players who did not log in between 15th March 08:00 AM (PT) to 9:00 PM (PT) will not be affected by the issue and can continue progressing through the ranked rewards as normal.

Players complaining about the compensation

Despite the compensations mentioned, some players were not happy with it as they don’t have enough time to grind back to their previous progress in the ranked rewards.

Wild Rift’s fourth season began last year on 5th December. While there is still no news regarding the end date of Wild Rift Ranked Season 4, ranked seasons usually last for about three to four months. Affected players will have to double their efforts if they still want to go back to their previous ranked reward progress.

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