Wild Rift Ranked Season 8 Exclusive Skin and New Contents for Patch 4.0 Leaked

Wild Rift Ranked Season 8 Exclusive Skin and New Contents for Patch 4.0 Leaked

The upcoming Wild Rift Ranked Season 8 exclusive skin has been leaked along with a new type of Smite mechanic that can only be used in the All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF) Game Mode. The upcoming content is expected to arrive on Patch 4.0 which is scheduled to be released sometime in January 2023. The Wild Rift Ranked Season 8 skin will be for the support champion Nami. The updated Smite mechanic for ARURF is said to automatically execute a jungle monster whose health points (HP) are lower than the Smite damage. This allows junglers to easily clear camps and make matches more fast-paced.

Wild Rift Ranked Season 8 exclusive skin leaked

According to a YouTube video by the data miner , the next competitive season of Wild Rift will feature the Glorious Crimson Nami skin. The video also revealed a rough sketch of the skin concept featuring a supposed augmented weapon variant.

Fans should take note that the image does not represent the final product of the Glorious Crimson Nami skin. Riot Games is yet to reveal details about the Wild RIft Season 8 exclusive skins reward.

Role Leaderboard

Players can soon flex their expertise in a specific role with the new Role Leaderboard feature. The new leaderboard can be filtered either by Friendslist or server-wide ranking. Players who are at the top of the Role Leaderboard will receive an exclusive tag to showoff their achievement.

The leaderboard resets every season but the top players from the previous season will receive a small boost to help them reach the top easier.

ARURF returns with a new smite mechanic

ChowZ also revealed that junglers will have a much faster clear time when playing the next iteration of the ARURF mode. In the video, the Smite is automated and will activate when a nearby monster can be executed.

Turret Burning and Inhibitor mechanic

In a , he also revealed one of Riot Games’ solutions to making sure matches will become much faster. Outer turrets will start losing HP when the game reaches the 22-minute mark. 

Base inner turrets will still lose HP but will not self-destruct and will stop burning at 875 HP. On top of the turret burning mechanic, inhibitors will also be added in the base, similar to the PC version.

Riot Games is yet to confirm the upcoming content for the WIld RIft Patch 4.0 update. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates.


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