Wild Rift Rise From the Deep Event: How to Get Pyke or Nautilus for Free

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Rise From the Deep Event has been released featuring two new champions, Pyke and Nautilus. The event shall be on from 21st June till 11th July. The new event tasks players with completing missions and playing matches to collect as many points as possible. Players stand a chance to acquire generous amounts of Poro Energy used to unlock free skins in Wild Rift based on their rank on the event leaderboard. The Rise From the Deep event also allows players to unlock one of the two new champions as well along with a few in-game cosmetics such as avatar icons, borders, recall animations, and more.

Wild Rift Rise From the Deep Event Details

To welcome the two new champions, a new event has been released offering a ton of in-game loot for players to collect.

The event runs until 11th July but unclaimed rewards shall remain in the event interface until 18th July. Fans are advised to claim their rewards as soon as possible before they expire.


These rewards can be acquired after leveling up in the in event interface;

Cutthroat Competition details

In addition to the event, players shall be competing for the most amount of points for more rewards. The leaderboard will be updated after 24 hours after the Rise From the Deep event has been released.

Players can acquire points by simply playing the game. However, the amount of points earned shall depend on the game mode and whether they win or lose the match.

Players should take note that the Leaderboard rewards will be based on their final position when the event officially concludes on 11th July at 11:59 UTC.


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