Wise Comforts Kevier After Blacklist International Loses Its Chance at Playoffs Spot

The defending champions, Blacklist International, lost its chance at securing a playoffs spot in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9. After an upsetting 0-2 loss against Omega Esports, Blacklist International’s jungler Kent “Kevier” Lopez broke into tears after leaving the stage. Following this, the pro player made a post on Facebook, apologizing to everyone for being a “choker” to which his teammate, Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario responded that he also used to be a “choker” before becoming a champion. The defending champion’s MPL PH Season 9 journey ended and shall now focus on the upcoming SEA Games.

Kevier blames himself for Blacklist International’s upsetting performance

Blacklist International’s amateur jungler, Kevier has been under fire ever since his debut in the MPL PH Season 9. Fans have criticized him and have called him out as a reason for Blacklist International’s lackluster performance in the tournament.

After Blacklist International lost its chance at securing a playoffs spot, the amateur jungler posted his frustrations on his personal Facebook account.

“Sorry, I’m a choker. It’s all up to you guys, Danerie James (Wise), next season,” captioned Kevier.

The team’s iconic jungler, Wise, commented on the post, comforting the amateur standout. According to Wise, he “choked” a lot in the past before he could become one of the best pro players in the MLBB esports scene.

“It’s ok, Kev. You’re still strong. If we’re talking about choke, I’m the master of it with how much I lost before we started winning. Chair (Cheer) up Kevs!” the star jungler said.

Back when Wise was still under ONIC PH, he was able to reach the grand finals twice but was not able to secure a championship title in MPL PH. After joining Blacklist International together with Jonmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna, the dynamic duo was able to redeem themselves. Under Blacklist International, Wise was able to secure back-to-back championship titles in MPL PH Season 7 and 8 while also earning the title of World Champions in the M3 World Championship.

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