WiZ announces support for upcoming Philips Hue lamps and tons of new products of its own


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Philip’s sister company WiZ has just announced a ton of new Wi-Fi-connected products. We’re mostly in for new proper lamps (as opposed to plain ol’ light bulbs), offering some seamlessly integrated experience without having to bother with replacing existing light bulbs. In addition, WiZ has also announced that its app platform will finally support upcoming Philips Hue products. Coupled with Matter support, we might soon only need one single app to rule our smart homes.

wiz squire table lamp NJs1w7kJPg61

Left: Hero. Right: Squire.

Most of the products introduced today are fully featured lamps, not just light bulbs. Up first, there are two table lamps, the Hero table lamp and the Squire table lamp. They’re meant to provide background lighting more than anything else, though the more ordinary looking hero lamp gets bright enough to be used as a bedside lamp for reading. It can be turned on and off by tapping the top, and it comes with pre-defined but customizable routines for bedtime and wake-up modes. The Squire is laser-focused on home decoration. Its slanted upper part is meant to face walls (similar to the WiZ Graal), which can be illuminated in any color you can imagine creating beautiful scenes, while the lower part can give you some ambient lighting.

WiZ also has a new smart light bulb to offer. The frosted glass bulb is a stylish light source with frosted glass coating. It supports dimming and changing the color temperature from warm to cold and is meant for some extra elegancy above the dining table or in the living room.

frosted glass bulb XJZYkI8ktGhu

For more permanent setups, WiZ will also offer new fixed ceiling lamps. The new ceiling light range supports switching to warm and cold color temperatures, providing ambient light during the day and giving you ample lighting at night. The line-up consists of the circular Adria Ceiling Light with black and white accents as well as the Imageo spot light that comes in more than twelve variations, with black and white mounts and a choice of one, two, or three spotlights.

Like its other products, the upcoming lamps can all be integrated with third-party platforms like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things, and more. In case you’re Wi-Fi or internet is down, it’s also possible to control any of WiZ’s lights using the company’s optional remote.

wiz ceiling light 1 rxY2MWlBhXM9 wiz ceiling light 2 1JcaYcdSRw3p

WiZ has also announced a new smart plug with an integrated power meter, allowing you to smartify existing lamps or other devices without having to buy new bulbs. You’ll be able to evaluate the energy usage of whatever is plugged in using the WiZ app.

As for Philips Hue support, WiZ told us that it will be possible to add upcoming Philips products to its app. The lights will support all the usual options also available for WiZ lights and other WiZ-app compatible products. Unfortunately, older Philips Hue models won’t be supported since they don’t have a compatible chipset.

WiZ’s new products will be available on shelves and online this or next month. The company shared the following data on availability and pricing:

  • WiZ Full Color Hero Gen2 table lamp (From September 1 in Europe and North America)
    EU: EUR 49.99
    US: USD 49.99
  • WiZ Full Color Dual Zone Squire (From September 1 in Europe and North America)
    EU: EUR 54.99
    US: USD 59.99
  • WiZ Tunable White Ceiling lights (From September 1 in Europe)
    EU: EUR 53.99 (14W) / EUR 63.99 (16W)
  • WiZ Adria Warm or Daylight Dimmable Ceiling Lights (From September 1 in Europe)
    EU: EUR 26.99
  • WiZ Full Color Build on Spots (From September 1 in Europe)
    EU: EUR 39.99 (1 head) / EUR 69.99 (2-heads) / EUR 99.99 (3-heads)
  • WiZ Tunable White Build on Spots (From September 1 in Europe)
    EU: EUR 32.99 (1 head) / EUR 59.99 (2 heads) / EUR 89.99 (3 heads)
  • WiZ Frosted Glass Bulb (From September 1 in Europe)
    EU: EUR 13.99
  • WiZ Smart Plug Type-E with power meter (From October 1 in Europe and North America)
    EU: EUR 19.99

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