Wonder Woman Actress Lynda Carter Pays Tribute To Late Husband, ZeniMax’s Robert Altman

Wonder Woman Actress Lynda Carter Pays Tribute To Late Husband, ZeniMax’s Robert Altman

Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter has posted a touching tribute to her late husband, Robert A. Altman, the founder of gaming company ZeniMax.

“Robert is the love of my life and he always will be. Our 37 years of marriage were an extraordinary gift. We shared the passion I hope everyone is lucky enough to experience in their lifetime. We protected each other and were each other’s champions always,” Carter wrote.

The actress went on to say she feels grateful for the life she lived with Altman, and for their two children. “They are the lights of my life, and were the great joy of Robert’s. I see so much of Robert in them, and I know he lives on through them,” Carter wrote.

Carter thanked fans for their support during this time, and she specifically mentioned that she enjoyed hearing the stories of Altman’s time with ZeniMax and the impact he made on gaming.

Carter also had a message for Altman himself: “You are the most honorable person that I have ever had the privilege to know. And I got to be your wife and the mother of your children. Thank you for giving me all the love in my life.”

“Nothing could prepare our family for this moment, but we will do our best to follow our dreams and honor the legacy you’ve left behind. I will love you always and forever.”

Altman’s passing came just days after the 37th anniversary of his marriage to Carter. She celebrated that milestone with a beautiful photo and message posted on Twitter, and it’s especially heartbreaking to read it now.

There has been an outpouring of condolences and well-wishes for Altman following his death, with gaming industry icons like Phil Spencer, Reggie Fils-Aime, Satya Nadella, and numerous others sending their support and extolling the life and career of Altman.

ZeniMax has long been a supporter of single-player games, and Carter appeared in a 2017 promotional video that the company used to garner attention and support for single-player games.

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