Wordle to Become Harder after The New York Times Announces Changes to its Rules


The New York Times has just announced that Wordle has a new dedicated editor, Tracy Bennet. Tracy Bennet is an associate puzzle editor at The New York Times since 2020. In addition, Wordle will be treated the same way as all their other web games, Crossword, Mini and Spelling Bee. Let’s look at the changes in Wordle here.

The game owner has also announced some changes to the rules of the game. Players need not worry as the base game is going to remain as it was. One of the main changes is that is that plural forms of 4 letter words and 3 letter words that end with ‘s’ or ‘es’ will never be the word of the day again.

For example, words like ‘foxes’ or ‘spots’ will never be the answer, but words like ‘geese’ or ‘fungi’ can be. Words like ‘foxes’ or ‘spots’ will never be the answer as mentioned above, but they can still be used as words to guess other letters for the main answer. As stated by The New York Times, “While the answer list is curated, the much larger dictionary of English words that are valid guesses will not be curated.”

The game has assumed control over the world and is perhaps one of the most discussed game on Twitter. Players from all corners of the world post their Wordle honors and gloat the quantity of attempts it took to guess the word of the day. Best of all, Wordle was made by Josh Wardle, a programmer, so his partner could enjoy word games during the pandemic.

Wordle is pure genius as the idea is straightforward, however the catch is that it can only be played just one time each day. Therefore, creating a need to play more of the game. After the game became viral and reached new heights of fame and popularity, it was purchased by The New York Times and is now hosted by them.

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