Xbox Game Pass: New Leaks Reveal Sharing Options With Friends & Family Plan

Xbox Game Pass New Leaks Reveal Sharing Options With Friends

Xbox might be looking to improve the best deal in gaming with better sharing options for users to dip their hands into.

According to the new branding found on the Xbox backend, the company might soon offer a Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family subscription.

The new leaks suggest that the Friends & Family subscription tier will allow users for friends and family members to reap the rewards of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

At the moment, players can purchase the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which provides access to both console and PC games along with further benefits such as online multiplayer and EA Play.

While the Ultimate tier of the Xbox Game Pass costs $14.99 a month, players can also select the regular subscription for either console or PC for just $9.99.

The Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family subscription tier has been running on a trial basis without any branding in Ireland and Columbia. The testing for the new subscription tier began almost a month ago, with players being able to try out the new Xbox Game Pass variant for $21.90 a month.

According to a recent Xbox blog detailing the preview, the plan allows for multiple people to share Game Pass Ultimate benefits, as players can add up to four people to their subscription, all with their own unique access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games, content, and benefits.

With the branding now available to see on the Xbox backend, it’s very likely that the plan will soon receive a global rollout, and it will be interesting to see how the new tier will fare among regular Xbox Game Pass users.

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