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Xbox Head Phil Spencer Is Excited About Possibility of Reviving Old Titles Like StarCraft and Warcraft


Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has said that there is a possibility of revisiting old titles such as StarCraft or Warcraft. With the Activision Blizzard purchase, there are many questions regarding the future of these classic titles. While Spencer admitted he can’t make any decisions on them, he is still excited about what could happen.

Speaking to Wired, Spencer first made it clear that he is not allowed to call the shots at Activision Blizzard. “The first thing I would say is, I’m not allowed to make any decisions about what happens at Blizzard or Activision or King,” he said. “So this is all just kind of talking and thinking about what the opportunity is, but you’re absolutely right. Not only StarCraft, but Warcraft, when you think about the heritage of RTS games that we’re talking about here, specifically from Blizzard.”

Spencer also added that he doesn’t have any plans for now, as he can’t work with the teams responsible for these titles. But as these titles have left a cultural impact and has strongly influenced video gaming, the Xbox head is excited to talk about these titles with the teams and see what opportunities could arise:

“I don’t have any concrete plans today because I can’t really get in and work with the teams. But StarCraft was a seminal moment in gaming, right? From an esports perspective, from RTS on console perspective, and from just an RTS storytelling perspective in the genre. And I’m excited about getting to sit down with the teams at Activision and Blizzard and King to talk about back catalog and opportunities that we might have. So I will dodge the question other than to say it’s not something I can actively work on right now. But the thought of being able to think about what could happen with those franchises is pretty exciting to me, as somebody who spent a lot of hours playing those games.”

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