xQc defends Twitch’s TV show meta by standing up against streamers who are criticizing it

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Twitch’s current “TV show” meta is still receiving heat. It is being mainly criticized by those streamers who are not participating in it due to fear of receiving DMCA strikes from the copyright holders. On the other hand, xQc who is leading this new meta has again stood up to defend it. His words are harsh as he tells that people who are complaining have “garbage” streams of their own. xQc Twitch meta, TV show Twitch meta, xQc Twitch controversy, xQc Twitch controversy, xQc defends Twitch’s TV show

Big names have pointed out the problems of Twitch’s “TV show” meta

This new meta comprises of streamers and content creators who watch slightly old TV shows and react to them in front of their audience. Some streamers like Disguised Toast are watching Naruto while others like xQc, who started this meta, are more attracted to cooking shows like Masterchef.

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Previously Ludwig had called out against this rising trend and now Sodapoppin, another huge name in the streaming world, has also pointed it out. They are telling that this can attract DMCA strikes from copyright holders which can harm the careers of many Twitch streamers, especially those who have small-to-medium-sized channels on the platform.

Watch the clip here: https://clips.twitch.tv/SnappyExquisiteCrabCoolCat-yIqJCmT-_xZKLYaD?tt_content=url&tt_medium=clips_api

xQc defends the new meta and calls those criticizing it “garbage”

As the one who started and now leads the “TV show” meta, xQc has come out to defend this again. He tells that, “If you comment on everybody’s content all day, it usually doesn’t mean that their content sucks, your stream is f**king garbage.” xQc also exclaimed that  “these guys are the bottom of the barrel,” “garbage broadcasters, entertainers” and “suckers.”

As the top viewed streamer on the Twitch TV platform for two consecutive years, xQc is known to attract large audiences to his stream. This time, as he has started his own meta on the platform and has command over it, it looks like he will not abandon it too easily.

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