xQc MasterChef meta: Twitch streamer to continue amidst DMCA claims?

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Needless to say, the Twitch TV show meta is receiving a lot of attention lately, mainly because of the recent drama that unfolded with the DMCA claims. Interestingly enough, Twitch star xQc surprised fans with his recent revelation where he hinted that he might be able to continue with reaction streams on popular TV show MasterChef. xQc MasterChef meta, twitch stream meta, DMCA strike Twitch, xQc masterchef Twitch, xQc masterchef meta

Well, claims, as made by xQc, seems quite farfetched amidst the situation where the biggest stars have faced consequences for streaming TV shows. Pokimane received a 48-hour ban from Twitch for watching Avatar, while HasanAbi faced a DMCA strike for streaming MasterChef. Many streamers have withdrawn from the meta and deleted the VODs from their channels to safeguard their account and streaming careers.

Streamer Sodapoppin who was surprised to find xQc stream Hunter x Hunter acknowledged that by doing so the Canadian streamer is attracting a ban upon himself.  Disguised Toast pointed out xQc’s unfaltering fanbase to be the reason behind his courage to stream troublesome TV content.

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Fans hoping to see xQc moving forward with Masterchef meta

However, it appears that xQc has thought of a way to continue streaming MasterChef without getting into trouble. It is not any random decision taken by him out of eccentricity. On his January 8 stream, the Canadian was talking about the recent strikes and bans that his fellow streamers have faced. He then gave fans an insight into how he might be able to avoid penalties moving forward.

“Guys, I don’t want to say anything crazy about it… I don’t want to get ahead of anything or get anybody’s hopes up, but I actually enjoy MasterChef a lot and my people are talking to their people,” he said. “So there might be something cool with that. Maybe in the future, we’ll be able to watch some of it. We’ll see how it’s going to work, but it’s getting worked on.”

Although he didn’t reveal much, fans seem hopeful. Let’s see, if what xQc revealed turns out to be a reality or fades away with the end of Twitch’s TV show meta.

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