xQc sticks to Twitch “TV show” metas and rejects warnings relating to Twitch ban

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The recent trend of streaming watch-through of TV shows on Twitch is a hot topic to debate about. Popular streamers like xQc who is leading this meta have been quite vocal in support of it. While YouTuber Ludwig and prominent streamer Sodapoppin are not in favour of this rising trend.

The star streamer xQc set a craze in late 2021, by watching popular TV shows like MasterChef and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and other cooking shows during the broadcast. This has also landed him with an opportunity to team up with the great Chef Gordon Ramsay for a huge Twitch collab. Amidst the rising controversies regarding the DMCA strikes from the copyright holders of the shows, some want him banned while others are impressed. Nevertheless, he decided to continue and shrugged off any warnings relating to Twitch bans.

The famous streamer has claimed that the DMCA warnings are “silly” and labeled the content of those criticizing it as “garbage”. “Why do people act like DMCA are going to do sh*t? He asked his viewers who suggested watching shows would surely result in a suspension on Twitch soon.

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xQc defends “TV shows” meta

xQc defends “TV shows” meta

“People have been doing all this DMCA sh*t for the longest time ever, watching shows included. I don’t think it’s an issue, really. They enforce stuff based on how likely it is to blow up, and then Twitch has to ban you. TV shows don’t really have that. It’s why boxing is, like, extremely DMCA, so it’s insane”, he explained.

“Twitch is the wild west,” he claimed. “When it comes to other sh*t, it’s the wild west (for DMCA strikes). Nobody knows what’s going to stick and what won’t stick.”  He further clarified that if DMCA strikes happen it would just not affect him but will prove to be a “disaster” for the “entire industry”.

Whatever happens, for the time being, xQc is going to rule over Twitch and his numbers show how well it’s performing in the community. Fans are more than eager to see if he is able to hold his record of highest views on Twitch for three straight years.

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