Yin MLBB Guide: Know all about the Martial Genius

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For every fighter who likes to play solo, the developers have just released a new hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that shines in this style of gameplay. Check out Yin, the Martial Genius who is the latest addition to the game. He hails from Cadia Riverlands, the home of other eastern theme-based heroes like Zilong, Chang’e, Yu Zhong, Baxia, Wan Wan, Ling, and Luo Yi. Here are the details that you should know about Yin before you play him inside the game. Yin MLBB Guide, MLBB New Hero, Mobile Legends Latest Hero, Mobile Legends Bang Bang Update, Mobile Legends New Hero event

Yin – the Martial Genius: Skills

  • Leave it to Me (Passive): Yin deals extra damage to enemies when there are no allied heroes near him. This passive helps Yin to out damage his enemies in the laning phase and when he fights them in his domain during his ultimate.
  • Charged Punch (1st Skill): Yin gains extra movement speed and enhances his next basic attack. When Yin hits an enemy with this enhanced basic attack, Yin will launch another attack ahead of him quickly. This will attack will deal physical damage and will help in reducing Charged Punch’s cooldown by a some amount.
  • Instant Blast (2nd Skill): Yin dashes forward and leaves golden rings behind him. He can move past enemies standing in his way and deal physical damage to them using this skill. Yin receives damage reduction if he hits an enemy hero with this skill. The golden rings that he leaves behind will come back to him, dealing physical damage and stunning enemies standing along the way.

  • My Turn (Ultimate): Yin teleports a single enemy hero into a different domain and turns into Lieh. When in the domain Yin/Lieh are immune to the skills and attacks of other heroes outside the domain. If Lieh kills the enemy in the domain, he will come out in that form for a short amount of time and will be able to use his changed skills. During his ultimate, Lieh gets access to the enhanced skills of Yin.
    • Frenzy Strike: Lieh strikes an area ahead of him continuously and it inflicts physical damage and slow to the enemy hero standing on it. The ground smashing speed will increase in the first half of the skill duration and the smashes will also auto-lock on the enemy, following their movement. The latter half can only do damage in a fixed direction.
    • Instant Blast: Lieh strikes a flying kick forward, leaving golden rings behind while passing through and dealing physical damage to the enemy along the way. The enemy hero hit with this will also be knocked back slightly. Lieh will also gain damage reduction if an enemy hero is hit with this skill. The golden rings will come back to Yin, dealing physical damage and stunning the enemy hero standing in its way. This skill inflicts higher damage and a longer stun.

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Yin – the Martial Genius: Build, Emblem, and Battle Spells

As Yin is a solo fighter, he needs a balance of physical damage and defensive items. This will help him to survive in team fights for a long time while dealing large amount of damage to the enemy heroes.

  • For his build, you can get Warrior Boots, Endless Battle, War Axe, Blade of Despair, Brute Force Breastplate, and then Immortality. If the enemy has high magic damage heroes, swap the Brute Force Breastplate for Athena’s Shield.
  • For the emblem, you should use the Fighter emblem set. It should have Bravery for higher physical damage, Invasion for increased physical penetration, and Festival of Blood which provides extra spell vamp that can allow Yin to sustain long team fights.
  • For the battle spell, you can use Flicker to reposition yourself in team fights or when you want to hit the golden rings of the second skill to stun the enemies. Use it to also escape from ambushes.
Yin MLBB Guide
Yin MLBB Guide

Yin – the Martial Genius: Combos

With such a large assortment of skills, you need to know about the combos that you can perform with Yin. Use Flicker as the battle spell as it will allow you to either escape or move into a much more advantageous position during team fights.

  • As you go to your lane, take the level up the first skill for wave clearing enemies and poking enemy heroes. The extra movement speed will help you to dodge enemy basic attacks. Try to play solo in the early game until the enemy team tries to ambush you. Your passive will give you an advantage and help in dealing additional damage to the enemy.
  • Level up your skills in this order. Prioritize first skill, Ultimate whenever available and second skill at last.
  • Combo when you do not have the ultimate available or it is in cooldown:
    • Use the first skill once to gain movement speed.
    • Then use the second skill to dash to the enemy and hit with your enhanced basic attacks. Try to position yourself in such a manner so that the returning golden rings hit the enemy and stun them. It will provide you with an additional opportunity to deal damage.
    • During the laning phase, use the 1st skill, 2nd skill, and then basic attack.
  • Combo when you have the ultimate:
    • Use second skill to dash and reach the enemy.
    • Then use hero lock (if there is a group of enemies) to select a particular squishy or low HP hero and use the ultimate.
    • After you change into Lieh, dash to the enemy using the enhanced second skill and then use the first skill.
    • Try to successfully kill the enemy hero in the dimension so that you can continue to fight as Lieh even outside the normal dimension.
    • During team fights, use the 1st skill, basic attack, 2nd skill, and then the Ultimate. Inside the Ultimate, use the enhanced 2nd skill and then the enhanced 1st skill.

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Yin – the Martial Genius: Release Date

Yin will be released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on 18th January. There will be a Forsaken Light event where players can get additional rewards by completing tasks and gaining more knowledge about Yin’s story.

This is everything that you need to know about Yin, the Martial Genius before you start using him in your games. You can check out the official Hero Spotlight video below.

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