YouTube Mogul MrBeast Collaborates With Legendary Composer Hans Zimmer to Score His Latest Video

MrBeast’s habit of making bigger and bigger videos never seems to stop. His latest attempt takes him to the polar south regions of Antarctica. As part of his new video, the famed American YouTuber and his friends survived the ice-cold temperatures of the Antarctic for 50 hours. During this time, the group of creators also completed several challenges such as building tents to stay and more.

MrBeast is known for bringing big, audacious ideas to life while pulling all the stops. He has also brought the big guns for his videos in the past. But no one could have predicted his latest collaboration with popular Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer. The German film composer behind iconic soundtracks such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, Interstellar and Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

The YouTube mogul asked Zimmer to score for his latest video. According to a statement given by MrBeast to The Hollywood Reporter, he accidentally met Zimmer in the vicinity of the Union Glacier area of Antarctica. Following a lengthy conversation, MrBeast somehow convinced Zimmer to produce some music for the video of the ensuing trip.

Once they both shook hands, Zimmer scored the video within 12 days. He partnered with his frequent collaborators, James Everingham and Adam Lukas from the Bleeding Fingers Music composer collective to create this composition.

The track “Antarctica or Bust” used in the video is currently available to stream on Spotify. Following the video’s release on YouTube, MrBeast has amassed over 55 million views in 4 days with numbers expected to rise in the coming days.


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