Messing around with experimental software features is a ton of fun. After all, who doesn’t love to enable the newest flags in Chrome just to see what happens? YouTube has long had a hub for all of its unfinished tweaks and tools, but it was so unpublicized, you likely didn’t even know it existed. That’s finally starting to change, as new banners in the app are asking users to try out all sorts of incomplete options for a limited time.

Previously, reaching all of YouTube’s experiments required knowing about its “New” portal, but that’s no longer the case. Some Premium subscribers have spotted banners appearing on the app’s homepage, giving them the option to enable features right from within the app. You can only try out one feature at a time, though you can switch between experiments at will.

Screenshot 20210902 130123 Screenshot 20210902 130134

Currently, on-the-fly comment translation and iOS picture-in-picture are the two available listings, with the former set to expire on September 9th. Either can be enabled by tapping the “Try it Out” button below their respective descriptions.

Screenshot 20210902 130139 Screenshot 20210902 130145

Google made these experiments exclusive to Premium members last year, so free users won’t be able to try out any of its tweaks. If you’re a subscriber and you haven’t spotted this new banner, you can still head to YouTube’s web portal to enable or disable either option for your account.