Yummo Ice Creams Response Goes Viral After Man Claims To Find Human Finger In Ice Cream Cone


Finding foreign objects in food can be deeply disturbing, often leading to significant distress and trauma. This is particularly true when the object is as horrifying as a human finger. In a startling incident from Mumbai, a man claimed to have found a human finger inside an Yummo ice cream cone he ordered.

Finger in ice cream cone mumbai

Doctor in Mumbai Reports Disturbing Discovery

A 26-year-old doctor from Malad, Mumbai, has lodged a serious complaint after allegedly discovering a human finger in an ice cream cone ordered through a quick commerce platform.

yummo icecream finger in cone

yummo icecream finger in cone

The incident took place during a family treat on Wednesday night. The family had ordered two mango-flavored and one butterscotch ice cream. Brendan Ferrao, the brother of the complainant, reportedly bit into the butterscotch cone and discovered the foreign object in his mouth. Upon closer inspection, the family claimed it was a human finger embedded in the ice cream.

yummo icecreamyummo icecream

The family promptly reported the incident to local authorities. Senior Police Inspector Ravi Adane from Malad Police Station confirmed the complaint, which led to a case being registered against the ice cream company under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including those related to food adulteration and endangering life. The police are conducting a forensic examination of the foreign object.

This incident has raised significant concerns among residents about the safety standards of online food delivery services. In response, Yummo Ice Creams has taken immediate action.

Yummo Ice Creams’ Response Goes Viral

yummo ice creamyummo ice cream

Yummo Ice Creams acknowledged receiving the complaint and has swiftly addressed the issue. The company halted production at the third-party facility where the incident allegedly occurred and isolated the affected product at the facility and in their warehouses, with plans to extend this measure across the market.

Yummo Ice Creams emphasized their commitment to product quality and safety, stating that they were already managing the situation before the police complaint was filed. They assured full cooperation with the authorities in the investigation to determine the origin and nature of the foreign object.

“We are a law-abiding company and shall fully cooperate and support authorities in investigating the matter thoroughly,”

according to DNA India.

Such incidents severely breach customer trust. Whether ordering food online, dining at a restaurant, or eating during travel, the quality of food provided is increasingly in question.

Beyond health concerns, the psychological impact of finding unexpected foreign objects in food can affect future dining choices and overall security in ordering meals. Companies must ensure they provide clean and safe food, maintaining the trust customers place in them.

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